Akihito Takaba (Model - Human)

In order to retain his LTW, the trait Photographer eye and Brave, you’ll need World Adventures installed. For some of the outfits, you will need Seasons (Outerwear) and Late Night (Everday and formal I beleive). However, if you do not have these items in game, it will replace or remove the items.

You’ll need the following CC for him to look as he does in the pictures:

Jiao’s Asian Skin

Ahmad’s Facial sliders (Upper Lip Corners Width, Upper Lip Height, Nose Tip Height, Lower Nose Height, Lower Lip Height, Jaw Line Width, Eyebrow Distance, Eyebrow Corner Height, Eye Width, Eye Stretch, Eye Length, Chin Width, Brow Thickness)

OneEuroMutt’s sliders (Brow Width, Nose Tip Width)

  1. TRAITS: Brave, Good, Photographers Eye, Hopeless Romantic, Easily Impressed
  2. LTW: Visionary
  3. ZODIAC: Taurus
  4. AGE: YA


Download @ Mediafire (.sim file)

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